Fakultät Technologie und Bionik

Hochschule Rhein-Waal
Marie-Curie-Strasse 1
47553 Kleve

Please find the timetables for this semester here.


Welcome to  "Cross-Cultural Management",
which is one part
of the complete module  >> Cross-Cultural Management and Creativity<<

Make sure, that you are taking the other part of the module “Creativity” this semester as well (>>Link to Creativity course in Moodle).Only when you have succesfully past both parts you receive the credits for the complete module in HIS.


You only count as registered for this course, when you have finalized your enrollment. Latest date for full registration is Friday, 12.04.24, with all relevant information including the choice of your seminar group & culture.

In lecture week 1 we will have the Kick-off (hybrid) for this course, informing you about the course and organizational matters. After finalizing your registration, you will get the seminar group specific time schedule to see time & room & access WEBEX for the Kick-off. 
Week 2-3
will be self-responsible building up to the necessary knowledge, supported by online lectures and tasks given.*

In week 4
of the lecture time we are starting in this course with compulsory presence activities in smaller intercultural groups*.
Only students who have successfully finalized working in Moodle on the online given asynchronous lecture input and tasks of week 1-3 latest till THUERSDAY 18.04.24, have gained the necessary base knowledge and preparation to start working in teams on the intercultural group assignments Therefore only students who meet the necessary requirements till this deadline are grouped up by the lecturer in intercultural diverse teams and can therefore go on with this course and its presence activites.