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Friedrich-Heinrich-Allee 25
D-47475 Kamp-Lintfort

A collaborative and social learning space is was created to improve our campus life. The room (KAM 04 01 310) will serve as a contact point for organizational knowledge for successful studies as well as a contact point for specific questions at the start of the summer semester 2024.
- This includes offers from the course guidance service, library, IT, language centre and other departments.
- Mentors for specific questions and academic aspects.
- Support for subject-specific content (e.g. mathematics/biology/physics) and for study planning.
- At the same time, the room should serve as an open space where students and lecturers can come together, make contacts, strengthen their network and work together.

Dear participants,

thank you for the enrollment!

Here is the announcement and enrolment possibility for the test workshop:

7th of April

12 noon till 3 PM for all students

Room: 03 02 135 (seminar room 6)

Contact: johannes.pfeifer@hochschule-rhein-waal.de
0049 2842 90825 9710

We will forward you all information needed after your enrollment.

Test Schlung