This is the 4th semester ME (mechanical engineering) bachelor course on mechanics - Applied Strength of Materials - the first elective in the Simuation and Validation Focus Field 


This is the 2nd semester ME/SE  (mechanical/systems engineering) bachelor course on mechanics - Advanced Statics and Strength of Materials


Dear students, ladies and gents, lads and lasses,

Please note, that this page is for the 4th semester mechanical elective lecture, and not for the mandatory 1st and 2nd semester meta courses on statics/strength of materials. It probably should have been placed somewhere else, but your professor does for some reason only have moodle rights for this part of the Moodle World, and not for the elective sections. So this horrible hack was unfortunately necessary.

Anyway, this course is the first class in the focus field on simulation and validation, which is absolutely great.

Moodle course for the application of exam review in statics