No Way! – Signage & Wayfinding Design


An orientation and guidance system is a visual  and/or tactile system used in public or private spaces  
to help users navigate and find their way. It’s used to inform people how to move around a building, area, or public space and helps improve user experience, safety and efficiency.


Conception and Design of a Wayfinding System for a location of your choice. (Form of Presentation: PDF-File & Colloquium)



  1. Introduction to signage and wayfinding systems
  2. Fundamentals of signage design including research including an excursion to a renowned production company (manufacturer)
  3. Planning and conceptualization of a wayfinding system
  4. Practical exercise and final project

Please note

The practical part of this course includes the design of a guidance and orientation system on a smaller scale only using exemplary situations at a location of your choice. The focus is on ideas and concepts. 
Group work is welcome. Maximum group size: 3 students.



Prof. Andreas Uebele /// signage systems & information graphics – a professional source book

Ruedi Baur /// ruedi baur..., intégral..., and partners integral, ruedi baur et associés integralücher/Ruedi-Baur+ruedi-baur-intégral-and-partners-integral-ruedi-baur-et-associés-integral/id/A02gWZo201ZZK?zid=c8dn5kpdt79ih6ieca71hc42jr

Heike Mehl, Sibylle Schlaich /// Airport Wayfinding

Moniteurs GmbH /// 1 : 1 – Signage, Orientation, Identity