The clinics are designed to enable every student to identify their own strengths and weaknesses in communicating science. The Clinics offer guidance for improving both writing and speaking skills. Developing self-learning strategies is a major focus of the courses, e.g. through 1:1 coaching sessions or peer group assessments. This is also why the clinics can be repeated as many times as necessary (Testation).

Prerequisite for Clinic III:

Accuracy in writing and speaking at near-native speaker level of English (CEF C2), as shown by successfully completing Clinic II.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Write with a refined and unique voice and appropriate style
  • Use the English language creatively in writing and speaking
  • Be able to analyse strengths and weaknesses in pronunciation and delivery in given spoken science communication situations

Examples for Employability:

Be able to convincingly pitch either:

  • an idea as a freelance journalist via e-mail to a science editor at The Guardian,  or
  • a PR concept as Director of Communications in a Board Meeting to the University President.