• Find an internship or university

  • Career Service Centre FSE (external link to Moodle page)
    Documents on: Career info - Working in Germany - Internships - Program-specific resources - Scholarships.

  • Semester Abroad (external link to Moodle page)
    FSE's Moodle page containing: a Semester Abroad FAQ - Appropriate subject areas - Erasmus Partner Universities - Partner Universities worldwide.

  • Formal Registration & Submission of Report

  • Internship / semester abroad - Deutsch (external link to pdf)
    Bedienungsanleitung der Sharepoint Anwendung „Praxis- und Auslandsstudiensemester“ für Studierende.

  • Internship / semester abroad - English (external link to pdf)
    Students’ guide to the Sharepoint application “Internship and Study Abroad Semester”.

  • Electronic workflow internship (external link to Sharepoint-site for formal registration)
    You need to login with your HSRW-account.